Welcome to the 2013 Journées des Actinides in Sestri Levante

The 43èmes Journées des Actinides (43th JdA) will be held in Sestri Levante, in the region of Liguria in Italy from 6-9th April 2013. The first meeting of the Journées des Actinides (JdA) took place in the 1970's and soon an annual periodicity was established. The previous conference, the 42èmes Journées des Actinides (2012) took place in Bristol, Southwest England. This year will be the occasion to celebrate in Sestri Levante the 40th anniversary of these “Journées”.


This conference is a traditional forum for informal discussion encompassing numerous different aspects related to the chemistry and physics of the actinides. It regularly brings together experts from all the fields involved, emphasizing exchanges and lively discussions on current issues in actinide science and stimulating new collaborative projects. Moreover, a strong emphasis is given on presentations of on-going research projects by young scientists and PhD students.

Topics covered include:

  • Inorganic, organometallic chemistry;
  • Strongly correlated behaviours, superconductivity, quantum criticality;
  • Materials science, nanomaterials;
  • Theory, electronic structure;
  • Actinide handling and radiation protection;
  • Nuclear fuel cycle, environment;
  • Actinide production;
  • Fission products;

We are very happy to welcome you to Sestri Levante, to the 43th JdA.
On behalf of the Organizing Committee       Mauro Giovannini (DCCI, Genova University)

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