46 JdA - Final

Picture of SPCA March 2016 2

The 11th School of the “Physics and Chemistry of the Actinides” took place at the European Photon & Neutron Campus from 13-16 March 2016. About 30 students participated in the school. Lectures were held at the Institut Laue-Langevin’s (ILL) Chadwick Amphitheater and included introductory lectures by Luigi Paolasini (ESRF) on scattering experiments with neutrons and X-rays, and then Andrei Rogalev (ESRF) on X-ray absorption spectroscopy. In all we had 13 lectures, mostly from staff at the ILL or ESRF, fairly evenly divided between X-ray and neutrons on subjects of interest to actinide researchers. The school also included tours of both the ILL and certain beamlines at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF), two of the foremost research centers of neutron and X-ray, respectively, research in the world.

On the social front we had a welcome party and a cheese and wine evening organized on-site (see photos on the website).

The 46èmes Journées des Actinides took place at the Hotel Pic Blanc in Alpe d’Huez, about 65 km from Grenoble and the site of a large ski resort in the French Alps, from 16-20 March 2016. About 70 people attended the JdA, including participants from Japan, China, and Russia, as well as the majority from Europe. 42 oral talks and about 24 posters were presented in the 2.5 days of the Conference. Two afternoons were free and (fortunately) we were blessed on both days with perfect blue skies and bright sunshine.

The Conference concluded with summary talks by B. Dorado (CEA) on oxides, A. Scheinost (HZDR and ROBL beamline, ESRF) on chemistry, and A. B. Shick (Prague, Czech Republic) and D. Kaczorowski (Wroclaw, Poland) on the physics presented at the Conference.

On the social side the Conference Banquet at the Restaurant Chantebise (2100 m) was greatly enjoyed by all, as seen by the photos on the website. The banquet was followed by musical entertainment by “The Fermions”, whose U-tube site may be consulted (https://youtu.be/-llJj5pDNIo)!

The local committee worked hard to cover many different requests, and were happy to see that all attendees seemed well satisfied with the school and meeting.

On behalf of the Local Committee,

Gerry Lander
Claudine Romero
Fabrice Wilhelm